Door frame manufacture by BÜRKLE

Universal process cell for medium-sized businesses

Robots are also increasingly finding their way into medium-sized companies. Robert Bürkle GmbH offers a highly universally applicable autonomous manufacturing cell especially for their customers from the trade.

Especially in connection with door or window production, the cell opens up a wide range of possibilities. "Every door or component manufacturer surely knows the problem with special designs that cannot be realised economically within a series production", says Bürkle's managing director Olaf Rohrbeck. "This is where our cell comes in, which can flexibly process such special sizes".


The processing cell is designed for the door production. It measures the bolt lengths, cuts the bolts to length with a crosscut saw and assembles them with glue and tacker to an empty frame. Cover layers and the inlay material can also be fed, depending on how far the door blank is to be prepared.

High precision and repeat accuracy and independent, automatic set-up and changeover are a matter of course for the cell.


For Bürkle this application for door production is only one example for the use of this robot cell. Basically, all possible machining operations are conceivable with it. The robot can be equipped with various units and individually programmed, of course also for classic robot tasks such as feeding and stacking. This makes it interesting not only for special tasks for expansion in industrial production, but also as a stand-alone solution for use in larger craft businesses.

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