Plastic cards

Laminating lines for the production of plastic cards

Credit cads, ID cards, conventional and contactless cards: Our state-of-the-art technologies for the production of plastic cards enable us to master the everyday processes and challenges involved in the manufacture of cards of all kinds. With the modular design of our SMARTLAM laminating lines, we offer customers an individual line design for small to large production capacities. Your production requirements are comprehensively met and implemented by our SMARTLAM line

Your advantages at a glance

  • Highest product quality thanks to process stability

  • State-of-the-art control with connectivity

  • Reduction of the static pressure load through weight compensation


  • Vacuum technology to prevent air and gas inclusions

  • Proven, individual and innovative solution concepts

  • Maintenance- and user-friendly lines

Our single machines at a glance

CHKR Laminating and press machine for plastic cards from BÜRKLE
Laminating systems
SMARTLAM CHKR: Small series and special production
The single-level system with the rotary table is designed for the production of small output quantities. The multi-stage process with optional automation, vacuum and short-cycle function for single sheets meets the highest requirements for small and special production as well as for test and development applications.
LAC laminating and press line for plastic cards from BÜRKLE
Laminating systems
SMARTLAM LAC: Medium series and special production
The cost-efficient and space-saving solution LAC is characterised by a single-stage heating and cooling process. The parameters defined for the process (pressure, temperature) are controlled without interruption in the compact system. The number of levels can be selected individually. The LAC is used for medium and special functions.
CHK Laminating and press machine for plastic cards from BÜRKLE
Laminating systems
SMARTLAM CHK: Large series production
Our SMARTLAM CHK laminating line is the optimal solution for medium and large series production. The individually adaptable transfer process with separate heating and cooling press enables production at the highest level. The modular system offers a wide range of options and individualisation of the number of levels and the size of the panels for the efficient production of plastic cards.

Laminating and press lines

State-of-the-art laminating technology

With our modular line design, we enable you to design your own individual line concept. Convince yourself of our technologies and the diverse application possibilities of our machines and line components with the help of our line overview in our brochure.




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Technologies for the plastic cards industry – Our brochure

You´ll find more information about our service and solutions in our brochure.

Lamination lines for the plastic card production
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