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The possible applications of glasses with adhesive layers or high polymer films are becoming more and more diverse. It was, therefore, of great importance for the glass industry to replace the time-consuming and cost-intensive lamination of laminated glass under vacuum in autoclaves with the associated offline processes with a more efficient process solution. This is where BÜRKLE´s newly developed IFL process comes into play. It offers our customers a cost-effective and fast lamination for existing or newly developed production lines.

Laminating and coating technologies from BÜRKLE

The diversity of our technology does not hold back with innovative and high-quality solutions even in the glass industry. With the inline flat lamination process, for example, we offer our customers a technological novelty to solve existing production requirements and enable a significantly faster lamination time. Let us convince you of our technologies in our application areas.



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Kyle Lindersmith

Kyle Lindersmith

Sales Manager Flat Glass

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