In close partnership with the Romanian furniture manufacturer Ecolor, a subsidiary of the Swedish company Gyllensvaans Möbler, Robert Bürkle GmbH, based in Freudenstadt, and Wehrmann Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG from Barntrup realized an outstanding 2D laminating project. Laminating technology is a traditional classic in the Freudenstadt-based company's product range. The focus for industrial applications for the furniture industry is on double-sided systems with working widths of 1.30 to 2.60 meters and a processing speed of up to 60 meters per minute. Bürkle offers the complete process chain, including the handling components, in several performance classes. The Bürkle laminating technology has a very modular design: All of today's common adhesive types such as PUR, hotmelt and PVAC can be used. However, Bürkle's laminating solutions have so far concentrated exclusively on surface lamination.


Customer information
Ecolor was founded in 2005 and primarily supplies a leading global furniture manufacturer. A total of around 650 employees work at the Cluj-Napoca site. Ecolor produces laminated furniture in chipboard and MDF on a total area of 57,000 square meters.

"With the project requirements we were given by Ecolor, it was imperative to laminate the surface and the edges at the same time. What was expected was 2D lamination with the highest edge quality and delivery from a single source," says Bürkle Managing Director Olaf Rohrbeck, describing the task. Another focus was the desire for an economical and at the same time highly flexible profiling and forming technology.
For this, the Freudenstadt-based company brought the specialists from Wehrmann on board. Together, the system concept, process and control engineering resulted in an efficient and effective production line. New and existing components were perfectly combined.
"In Barntrup, we have specialized in edge processing of a wide range of materials in the special machine construction business field. In particular, we have been expanding and perfecting our expertise in edge sealing with subsequent postforming for some time," says Christian Brune, Managing Director of Wehrmann, presenting the company's service portfolio.
In particular, the longitudinal edge preparation of open-pored chipboard before lamination requires special sealing steps. The board edge is sanded after profiling, then compacted, cooled and finally wrapped with the decorative film as an L or U profile. The surface and edge can thus be laminated particularly economically in a single pass. The high-quality edge coating ensures that the finished panel has a very good visible edge.
An additional requirement was the integration and consolidation of differently structured machine controls. The task was to combine the Yaskawa feeding and stacking robotics with the Wehrmann control technology and the Siemens control system in the Bürkle plant section. A joint project team from all three partners mastered this task.
"From the creative idea to the successful implementation - with the Ecolor project, our companies were able to prove that the combination of process experience, high engineering know-how paired with 'old school' mechanical engineering knowledge enables economical and high-quality application solutions for the benefit of the customer," Rohrbeck and Wehrmann Managing Director Christian Brune agree.

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