Meyer Burger Technology AG and Robert Bürkle GmbH opt for innovative PV module production

“I am extremely proud that we can all be part of this great fresh start today. Here and now we are witnessing the beginning of a new era in the solar industry,” said Gunter Erfurt, CEO of Meyer Burger Technology AG in May of this year on the occasion of the grand opening of solar module production in Freiberg, Saxony. The plant is Europe's largest and most modern production facility for solar modules.

Freudenstadt-based Robert Bürkle GmbH is also on board in Freiberg. “We are delighted that Meyer Burger is relying on our Ypsator laminators. This patented technology puts us at the forefront of the market. The Ypsators enable the efficient and highly economical production of PV modules,” says Olaf Rohrbeck, CSO/CTO of the Freudenstadt-based group of companies.

The laminators have a 6-level design and therefore require a small footprint. Compared to conventional technologies, they are distinguished by significantly lower energy consumption. The resulting increase in production efficiency supports Meyer Burger’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint.
Regardless of the structure of the modules, a high throughput is achieved thanks to the multi-tier lamination concept. The Ypsators incorporate three different press technologies. A vacuum press is used for pre-lamination and sealing. The subsequent heated flat press completes the lamination and prevents edge crushing at the same time. Finally, the cold press cools the laminated modules.

In the long term, solar electricity generation can develop to become one of the key energy sources throughout Europe. The global need for more climate protection and low costs for PV modules are accelerating this development. “Made in Europe” is currently the most sought after when it comes to state-of-the-art technologies. The global marketing opportunities are given.

Photovoltaic cells on a heterojunction base, which can convert more sunlight into energy, Meyer Burger’s patented SmartWire cell connection technology and the performance of the patented Bürkle Ypsator technology complement each other perfectly. “There is an opportunity for us, Meyer Burger and other market players to make a contribution to the renaissance of the German and European PV market. Thanks to the current strategic innovation leadership of these partnerships, we can thus create a cornerstone of European energy sovereignty”. Olaf Rohrbeck foresees a thoroughly bright future for European companies in the solar market.


Ypsator VFF multi-level laminators allow the simultaneous lamination of several modules on each level. This results in greater energy efficiency, more effective utilisation of floor space and an even higher output compared to conventional laminators.
Press release Meyer Burger relies on BÜRKLE technology
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