IFL laminating line for laminated glass from BÜRKLE

BÜRKLE and PGT Innovations conclude partnership

PGT Innovations from Venice, Florida will integrate the IFL Glass Lamination System into their production in 2020. The inline laminating system for laminated glass recently developed by BÜRKLE offers a novel process consisting of thermal oil heated flat presses under vacuum.

The BÜRKLE IFL process is a multi-stage laminating process using a vacuum flat press heated on both sides in the first step. For glasses with above-average thickness a second step is recommended, which uses a flat press which also introduces heat from above and below into the product. A flat press with cooled press plates is then used to cool down the laminated glass. The system has an effective area of 2.6m x 5.0m.




"This series production system enables a significantly faster throughput time in production and reduces energy costs in comparison with a conventional autoclave system, with a previously unattained uniform flatness of the laminated glass. The full integration of the system into our production line additionally improves the process efficiency of lamination of our current product portfolio."
Bruce Wesner, PGT Innovation

The inline flat press laminating system of BÜRKLE is especially suitable for the production of laminated glass, safety glass (LSG), smart glass, decorative glass, solar modules and other special glass laminates.


The BÜRKLE IFL process (IFL=Inline Flat Lamination) is characterised by

  •     Very fast lamination of laminated glass compared to autoclave processes (reduction of lamination costs)
  • The possibility of line integration of the machines (in-line process)
  • Highest laminating quality due to particularly homogeneous heating plates heated on both sides
  • The possibility of lamination with particularly low pressures
  • Significantly lower energy costs compared to the autoclave process

About PGT Innovations: PGT Innovations manufactures and distributes premium windows and doors. PGT's advanced products can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions in the world and are revolutionising the way people live in combined indoor and outdoor living spaces. Additional information is available at www.pgtinnovations.com.

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